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Our Products

In The Hand have produced a range of products for the .NET Compact Framework, to allow developers to easily integrate mobile functionality into their applications. Each allow you to maximise your productivity and avoid re-inventing the wheel when you need to access functionality not available within the .NET Compact Framework itself.

Mobile Development

Mobile In The Hand

Mobile In The Hand

A suite of libraries to maximise productivity on handheld and mobile devices running Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone. Includes Location, Database, Networking, Configuration, Outlook Mobile, Messaging, System Status and Telephony. Read More...
XAML In The Hand

XAML In The Hand

Supports managed code development with the Silverlight for Windows Embedded UI runtime on Windows Embedded Compact 7. Create compelling user experiences with Expression Blend and use managed code to provide your business logic. Read More...
PointOfService In The Hand

PointOfService In The Hand

A POS.NET style API for mobile devices running Windows Embedded Handheld and Windows Mobile. Supports a single Barcode scanning API across multiple device types. Read More...

Windows Phone Apps

iCalendar Import

Import iCalendar events into your Windows Phone calendar. Supports .ics files in Internet Explorer, Email, Bluetooth, Tap+Send and the Office hub. Read More... 


Shared-Source Community Projects


Shared-source project for working with personal area networking technologies such as Infrared and Bluetooth® wireless technology with the .NET Framework. Read More... 

Product Support

We offer product support online and via email.


Our Mobile In The Hand .NET Components are made available with a very simple licensing model. After purchasing a license there is no restriction on the number of times you can distribute the runtime components with your applications.

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